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Check out these THREE sets of fan photos and stories submitted by Cindi Rawkin' Carter, Jeanette Schmitz, and Jose Jenaro:


I received these most excellent photos above from "Cindi Rawkin' Carter" who took them at the Hollywood Drum Show on October 18, 2009. She writes:

"Bryan did an excellent job of breaking down his technique and strokes. It's such a treat to sit as close as I did, and watch Bryan!"

Wow ... you sure were close ... awesome photos! Thanks Cindi!

Keep Rawkin' on Cindi!





I received this email and photos from Jeanette Schmitz. She gives us a couple glimpses of Bryan behind Kelly Keagy's Night Ranger drum kit. She writes ...

"Hey Terry!!!! I have been to 5 shows in 4 states in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!! Talk about a great time........but here is the real news!!!!! Bryan played the drums last night (November 29, 2009) for Night Ranger when they sang Sister Christian!!!! It was awesome and the crowd went WILD!!!!!!!!!"

Well, I saw REO with Night Ranger about the same time but on a different night than Jeanette and either Bryan didn't play with Night Ranger ... or I just plain missed it! Thanks for the info and photos Jeanette and glad you had a great time!




I received this photo(taken March 2010) and email from Jose Jenaro. It looks like Jose and Bryan had a good time while REO was in Mexico recently. He writes, "Hello Bryan this is Jose Jenaro and I took you to the Anthropology Museum.

I just wanted to tell you that it was so great to have lunch with you, I never thought this could be real, you know? Having lunch with you was a great experience, great to chat about your experience, Jeff Porcaro, Danny Seraphine, Peter Criss, Brad Delp, Terry Kath, etc. it was so great, but what I liked the most was to know that you are such a great person, thanks for that. The show was excellent, you performed the hits that all the audience were waiting for, thanks for that again."

Well ... I'm sure I speak for all REO fans when I say ... "YOU ROCK ... GREAT STORY ... AND THANKS FOR THAT JOSE!"


Hope you all enjoyed the photos and stories ... You are all awesome! TL March 12, 2010