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Alex Kluft took the photos that follow of Bry at the Chicago Drum show on May 22, 2011.

Great photo's Alex! Thanks! Check 'em out:


















Left to Right: Avid vintage drum collector and drummer extraordinaire Randy Rainwater, Legendary Cheap Trick Drummer Bun E. Carlos, and Bry. That's a lot of drumming punch!



Bry and the good folks from Ludwig ... Bob Henry and Jim Catalano. Ludwig Drums Rock!


Bry with Chicago Drum Show promoter Rob Cook. Great Show Rob!


Get a good hold of this ... it's Bry with Marc Davoust of Drum Roll Grip Tape



Bry with the folks from "Shu." Kathleen and Jeff Kelly

See below for a good photo of the "Shu" in Bry's REO Kit



Bry holding a signed REO bass drum head.



Bry signing a drum head.



The photos below were taken by super fan Michael "Kelbut" Kelley:


Above: A good look at the "Shu" microphone mounting system inside Bryan's bass drum.



Hope you all liked the photos! Hitt 'em Hard! TL