Bryan's Ludwig 2008 kit from a view few get to see. Move your arrow pointer over drumset to see a description of the equipment.
That same kit in action. Photo by Marco Soccoli from Vic Firth


Above: A detailed decription of Bryan's equipment and endorsements.


Above: Two different photos angles of Bryan's microphone placement on his 2008 kit.
Move arrow pointer over each photo to see microphone placement.



Above: The different microphones used for Bryan's kit. The bass drum mic is mounted using the KellyShu system.


Above are a couple of Bryan's sticks.

The top stick saw action June 28, 2008 at the Ashburn, VA show. "Hitt 'em Hard" damage is present!
The bottom stick was baptized at the Star Lake Amphitheatre in Pittsburgh, PA on June 6, 2000.
Three days later on June 9 the band would record the Arch Allies CD/DVD with STYX in St. Louis, MO.


Above is a closer view of the top stick. Bryan uses Brasel Products grip tape and it is wraped around the stick in the photo above.